The Classic American M60 Infantry model - Viet Nam era

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M60 Machine Gun Replica

Standard Infantry Model

Full size authentic detailed replica fits original GI surplus gun mounts. Perfect for your military jeep, truck, tank, APC, PBR, and tripod mounts. Top cover opens to accept belt of 7.62mm (.308) cal dummy rounds for display. Bipod legs fold up and lock down. Receiver is rewelded to BATF specifications to not allow the insertion of an operating rod. (Dummy ammo belts available seperately)

(Infantry model, basic vehicle mount replica, no trigger). . . $1395.00
$69.50 for crating, insurance & ground shipping via UPS


Deluxe Infantry Model

The Deluxe model is more completely tricked out and detailed with replica rear sight, a short belt of dummy ammo and moving trigger is installed in pistol grip assembly. Trigger is spring loaded, bipod legs fold up and lock down.

(Deluxe Infantry model, more details). . . $1750.00

M60 Replica shipping is via UPS ground.

($73.00 for crating, insurance & ground shipping via UPS)


If the Deluxe Model M60 Machine Gun Replica will require some production time before shipping, we will contact you by e-mail within 48 hours of you placing your order to inform you of projected shipping and delivery date.

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We have a LIMITED SUPPLY OF M142 / M60 mg cradles available for our customers who buy an M60 replica!

BOTH Long Pintle AND Short Pintle !!!!

Complete with pins and ammo tray!

when you buy an M60 replica from us, we're going to do our best to also supply a cradle at an affordable price.
Better not wait! Supply of cradles is limited!

Email us for availability and pricing

Click Here for M142 / M60 Cradle availability! to e-mail and ask questions!

Some more great pics of our M60 Replica!

Deluxe Infantry model has moving trigger

Dummy ammo belt and replica rear sight included with deluxe model M60

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